Stretch, breathe, feel!


A Blue Mormon butterfly espouses the way to a good life

“Feel the sun, the glorious sun! Forget the shade, I despise shade - shade is your enemy. The sun makes the flowers grow - wonderful Ixoras, Jasmines and Chinese Violets. Ah such delicious flowers, do try them. Hear me fellow animals! Stop fighting and eating each other. The world is full of nutrients, more than enough to sustain you, if you just pause to look around. Delectable mud puddles, exotic carrion meat and scrumptious animal poop are all around you. Do not be blind my friends. Look at me! I am sustained by all of these.”

Fun Facts

“Do not be scared of people! I don’t mind if they come close, in fact I don’t mind if any other butterfly or creature comes close when I am feeding. If someone threatens me, I can fly away in a flash. I am proof that this system works, because my species is not on the threatened list unlike some of you. Also, people grow glorious citrus trees - oranges, lemons, grapefruits, and limes. Have I mentioned how delicious they are? No? Well they are! So be thankful for the existence of people, my friends. Now, I must leave you, the sweet smell of finely aged carrion is calling me!”

Story of the Photo

Whilst staying at Ahaspokuna Bushwalks Camp, U.K. blogger Ms. Melanie got a shot of this gorgeous butterfly near the Gan Ella Waterfall, during a morning bushwalk.