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Whale watching in Sri Lanka has become a renowned attraction of the world. There are numerous whale watching tours from which you can select from. However being one of the pioneers ofwhale watching tours in Sri Lanka, we at Wildlife Tours guarantee an experience of a lifetime. In association with the International Dolphin Watch our whale and dolphin watching tours were introduced to Sri Lanka in the year 2000. 

Two out of Sri Lanka’s big five are the Blue and Sperm whales. Primary destinations for whale watching in Sri Lanka are Galle and Mirrissa which is at the South end of the Island and Trincomalee which is on the East. These magnificent mammals would be on their migratory route during their breeding season to the Bay of Bengal and the Horn of Africa. The best months to witness this magical marine life in its total splendour would be between the months of November and July. 

whale gatherings by Gehan De Silva Many experts believe that it is the deep waters of Mirrisa, also known as Dondra Point, where some of the best whalingmoments of the world take place. Whale watching in Mirissa between December and April would hardly leave you disappointed. The ocean sets up the best Cetaceans display during the early hours of the day therefore it would be the ideal time for a whale watching tour in the isle of Sri Lanka.

Our country is situated within the International Whaling Commission’s protected zone. From 80 of these giant creatures, 26whale species can be identified in the Indian Ocean. No harm or discomfort is caused to these mammals during your whale watching tour in Sri Lanka.

To the Eastern part of the country is Trincomalee another pristine location for whale watching tours. With its fine white sandy beaches and popular snorkelling and windsurfing activities Trincomalee is a hotspot for visitors from around the globe. Here toowhale watches would have the pleasure of meeting the largest animals on the planet, the Blue and Sperm whales.

Dolphins can also be observed enjoying their travels in pods sometimes with the whales and sometimes without. The most suitable months for your whale watching tour in Trincomalee would be from May to October. It was in Trincomalee that the worlds first underwater filming of whales took place for the 1982 documentary film “Whales weep not”. All whale watching tours in Sri Lanka are just a few nautical miles away from our paradise island. 

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