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This Is the Best Safari Destination Outside of Africa - Forbes (2019)

Kanneliya Rain Forest

Kanneliya is one of the areas that belongs to the KDN forest reservation complex situated in the outskirts of Galle. The complex is completed by Dediyagala and Nakiyadeniya. It is a tropical rainforest that harbors a large number of faunal and floral species while providing home to a range of unique microhabitats. It is only second to the Sinharaja forest in terms of species richness. The Gin Ganga river complex nourishes Kanneliya while the forest is dotted with a number of small water falls and natural pools. It is a perfect getaway for hikers and bird watchers as the wonders to explore are endless. With a mean annual rainfall of around 3750 mm you can always expect a slight drizzle as you make your way through the thick canopy. The chirping of the birds and calling of the frogs provides a subtle auditory complement to the entire experience. A swim or a bath in one of the natural pools is a must during a visit to Kanneliya. In addition, the famous Anagimale fall is just 2km from the entrance.