Wildlife Safari Sri Lanka

If you are looking for a wildlife break to include in your tour or you are researching for wildlife safari modules to add on to create your own tour, this is the page to be.

With a vast array of wildlife habitats Sri Lanka is notably a very popular destination for wildlife safaris. Undoubtedly, the pearl of the Indian Ocean is home to some of the most thrilling wildlife excursions of the world. Our Wildlife Excursions in Sri Lanka take place within the country's national parks and nature reserves, some of  which have global recognition as Heritage Sites.

However, we at WTSL [Wildlife Tours Sri Lanka] are offering you a wildlife safari with a difference. Our extensive knowledge on wildlife safaris in Sri Lanka and our 2 decades of experience places us in a great position to provide you with a holistic, wildlife adventure.

We do not necessarily take you to where everyone else usually goes to. Our impressive collection of lesser known parks and reserves; combination of day walks / night walks; a balanced exploration of both adventure and culture mix, and some of the best guides that Sri Lanka has to offer - makes the crucial difference.