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This Is the Best Safari Destination Outside of Africa - Forbes (2019)

Sinharaja Rainforest - Walking Through a Birdwatching Wonderland

AVAILABILITY: Throughout The Year

TOUR OPTIONS: Early Morning or Late Afternoon Nature Walks

Located on the south-western area of Sri Lanka is a magical rainforest which protects a large number of endemic species in the country. With over 8000 hectares, this is paradise with endemic wildlife, especially birds. 95% of Sri Lanka’s endemic birds found here, bird watching in Sinharaja is a phenomenal experience to have. More than 147 species have been recorded to date. To name a few commonly sighted birds: the Sri Lanka Blue Magpie, Red Faced Malkoha, Grey Hornbill and White Headed Starling.

Over 50% of Sri Lanka’s endemic species of mammals and butterflies are found in Sinharaja. Other endemic species are the Green pit viper and Hump-nosed vipers, and the beautiful Common Birdwing butterfly.

There have been sightings of leopards but local guides will tell you that it is quite rare to spot these beautiful cats in this part of the country. If you spot one, consider yourself lucky and don’t forget to take in as much as you can of this  majestic creature.

Trekking routes are plenty and you will see a surprising amount of interaction between the forest and local people, who use the forest to collect bee honey and tree sap to make a local delicacy called Jaggery. People are allowed to venture into the forest to collect medicinal plants during particular seasons, these plants which are engraved in Sri Lanka’s ayurvedic culture.


Earthy Coloured Clothings

Sunglasses & a hat to protect against the sun

Insect repellent

Sun protection lotions & Lip balm

Good camera, spare batteries, extra memory cards, cables and chargers

Dust mask or scarf for protection against the dust