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This Is the Best Safari Destination Outside of Africa - Forbes (2019)

Wilpattu National Park

Wilpattu National Park situated in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka is a unique ecosystem that is concentrated with Villus or lakes that are inundated according to rainfall patterns dependent on seasonality. Three main types of vegetation governs the park, including low scrub, monsoon scrub and monsoon forests.

The coastal belt adjacent to the park that is dotted with littoral vegetation provides further complexity to the eco system. Copper red, loamy soil is considered to be the most striking feature in the park even though it is confided to only certain sectors. The park is an ideal location to witness and Eco tone where three types of ecosystems converge together. This has given rise to a rich diversity of species, especially mammals. A total of 31 mammal species,  as well as an assortment of reptiles and birds can bird are commonly observed in the park.